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February 18, 2011

I AM SUPERMAN by Matthew Ivan Cherry

I am Superman
M. Ivan Cherry

On any given day…
you may see me sitting at a desk
contained by a cubicle
pushing papers and my
weight around and under my belt
…but today I am Superman

On any given day…
you may find me in a class room
fronting waves of arms…erect and
eager to answer the questions I project
a head
the hands
that flutter like pigeons
predestined to fly…but bedazzled by trivia…
and factoids…
and breadcrumbs
and reality tv…
…today I am Superman.

On any given day…
I’m a banker and a thief
an arsonist and fire chief
a doctor who models briefs
an advocate for smoking reef
I ‘m a rockstar!
in my boudoir mirror
…an estranged husband
…drawing nearer
to be queerer than I am
is to follow a straight path
to wear red panties
is just fucking daring!

I Superman
sportin’ booties
and an “S” on my chest
choose to suppress
the Luther within
who seeks retribution
and retaliation with other rebel
bad-assed villains bent
on bane…seeking to be sucked 
and fucking up the world
seeking a mother to tattoo and a 
shoulder to cry on
while they challenge chip you to knock it off.
I seek love
and a chance to deliver
Saturday Night Live’s

On any other day
I am Clark Kent…
…but I am Superman today!
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