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February 17, 2011


Matthew Ivan Cherry

I never knew
when nature-formed 
a tadpole in your mother’s pond
…from my watering her lawn…
that from a toad-like gestation
a hero would be born
from love’s kisses
not strong enough to thwart 
the bend of your spine.
but you were something special!
And now you stand
with your Amazonian challenge…
bearing the burden…
and a red badge of curvature
which marks the start of your two-year war.

You dawn the protection of your wonder brace
…a white constraint
attempting to thwart 
and spine
and by condition 
the advancing spears
of a pre-teen battle
that encroaches upon you
and weighs you down 
with pressure 
and plastic.

      A girdle
and roomy as your mother’s place
now fills your hollow to a lonely
girding your loins 
that are bound to bear the 
load of your ovular lot
and my grandchildren
and hoists your budding breast to the middle of your armpit
whence they will suckle.

‘tis I the weak
and you the wonder!
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