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March 21, 2011

A Nipple, A Nuk and a Navel Orange w Rosie and the World

Rosie and the World
Matthew Ivan Cherry

You press
your drums
and overflowing.

In football fashion
you tuck the world
with a mechanics grip
under your arms
like Rosie the Riveter
and widowed.

You clutch what is left
of his need…a memory
recording half of him
and part of you
…a memory
that needs like him
….and so you feed
shooting streams
of white nectar
from double barrels
targeting dead center
but spritzing
the left side
of his face.

It runs
creamy as cum
but thinner than goats milk
down his cheeks
pooling like white tears
in his ear.

…and so the world was fed.
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