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April 30, 2011

So Many Bones in the Boneyard

Dylan + Allisa = Dylallisa-scious!

Yes, Oui, Si

Checked out the animation illustration exhibition tonight at Yes, Oui, Si.
Congrats to the AIB alumni.


April 22, 2011

Allisa Cherry

One Hive Closer to an Actual Apiary

just started...awaiting more brilliance

April 10, 2011

I am looking for PEOPLE/models/someBODY

I am looking for PEOPLE/models/someBODIES in every shade (flesh and disposition) from every NATION and from every walk of life who are willing to share themselves and contribute to my projects.  You can do this by meeting me or by following some guidelines and emailing me your pix.  Click on the link above to go to my website.  I need your assistance to keep moving forward.

As you will see, I paint from direct frontal poses with no (or little) visible emotions, almost like a mugshot.  Its all about the eyes within the landscape of the face.  I am interested in repetition variation...or multiple versions of the same person/object which demonstrate the nuances and/or irregularities between one form/image to the next while also representing all that we share in common:  The pictures need to be direct and closely cropped with good detail and good lighting.  Contact me and I can talk you through it.  The projects are listed with some examples below:  someBODIESfauxREALHEROes & super JOes, GROUP

Nude portraits documenting time and location of people that I meet around the world and in cyber space who are willing to share their bodies and their lives in order for me to document the random beauty that is humanity in direct “titan-sized” portraits.

This can be a one time documentation...or if you have a good experience and appreciate the result...I could paint you once a year (or every two) to document your body as you change/age/modify.  This is preferred.  I also prefer to start this series live...but am equally interested in painting strangers that I have never met.  You can send your pics to my email.  If you choose to send pics...please look at the paintings that I have already finished in this series for a reference.  I do not want “posed” images...just stand straight and tall...arms/hands relaxed how ever you carry emotions/smiles/puckers, just straight-faced and look directly into the camera.

This is kind of like a Spencer Tunick event on an intimate, one on one level...and without being so public and with you assisting in the process.   You can participate in the privacy of your own home and I will document the project as I paint and share the process with you.

This isn’t near as intimidating as it may seem...anyone ready to commit? Email me at:

  1. 1.People who change and/or modify their hair (head and facial) on a regular basis so as to produce multiple versions of their “selves”, people who like to transform their identity on the weekend, people who add tattoos/piercings, collect hats, jewelry, change their appearance, lose/gain weight/muscle, body modification/augmentation via self or surgery. People who appreciate the “before and after” versions of themselves. People who have total counterpoints from their life at home to their 9-5 grind.  People who wear or collect uniforms for work.

  1. 2.Portraits of people as historical and pop personalities, people who love Halloween, frequent masquerades, practice theater, or drag it on the weekends.  People who like masks and costumes. People who replicate pop culture as part of their identity.  (You must be willing to pose for multiple versions)

  1. 3.Artists, musician, actors and dancers and/or other creative types and enthusiasts who are “ok to play”.

HEROes & super JOes
Send me pics of yourself as super heros in costumes or t-shirts.  These can be subtle references to superheroes or costumed versions.  I am particularly interested in documenting you as Superman and Wonder Woman...but I will take you as your favorite Super Hero.  I require the same standard photos as my other, frontal, well lit, good focus, cropped with little or no background, full bodies or isolated busts.  You can be fully dressed in a costume, in novelty t’s, or partially nude.  Think outside of the box...shave an “S” on your chest, or maybe you already have a tattoo, wear red superman panties, style your hair with the forehead curl, wear a wonder woman headband, lipstick a “W” on your breasts...or make your own wonder woman t-shirt.

I am looking to document just what makes you SUPER-duper!
Make it fun!

daddies * daughters *  mothers * sons
friends * family 
bands * casts * crews * troupes * troops 
poker buddies * sports fans
quilting bees * book reading clubs
(however you birds of a feather choose to flock together)

Basically I am looking for groups, how ever you define yourselves and no matter how you met or interact 
(clothed, costumed, nude, uniformed, thematic...bring it!)
I need to document these live.  
So schedule an appointment with me.

April 7, 2011

Launch of new website

OK guys...I finally revised and updated the website with new images and old images that I have archived. For bodies of work that I am focusing on right on "recent work." For past work (with some updates) you can look under "archive." For work in progress you can scroll through the "news" section. I have also added an extensive list of artist who I love to love.

As always I am looking to document people as solo, duo, and group portraits. I am also interested in painting you as you change (hairstyles and/or color, grow facial hair, age, in the nude and in different attire. So talk to me and join me in my endeavor to document time, location and the voyage of your life through the portrait. I would love to work with you.


April 3, 2011

April 1, 2011

Ok... I take the last post back. But only because Degas is such a wicked swordsman with the brush. The Duchesa is an amazing portrait and exploration of the psyche of an aging woman.

I have never wanted to paint black more than after seeing this painting!!
Not even after looking at Franz Kline.

Bring on the night!

Ok...a departure from the couple favorite painting of the day. Caillebotte's Fruit Displayed on a Stand

Mouthwatering! I love that oils can make my glands secrete in anticipation of a sweet bite!

I guess the theme of my interests today was "couples." Daisy is the quintessential inquisitive child. I would love to find her today and paint her. Daisy...come find me! Alice Neel is brilliant!

In the Bedroom with Larry Rivers.

At the MFA in Boston today visiting Kokoschka. The Lovers (the Artist and Alma Mahler)

Claim for Kokoschka in Boston is Time-Barred