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June 5, 2011


I am looking for PEOPLE/models/someBODIES in every shade (flesh and disposition) from every nation all over the world and from every walk of life, who are willing to share themselves and contribute to my projects.  You can do this by meeting me or by following some guidelines and emailing me your pics.   I need your assistance to keep this project going.

For more information please contact me at:

As you will see see, I paint from direct frontal poses with no (or little) visible emotions, almost like a mugshot.  Its all about the voyage around and over the body, through the face and to the eyes.  The pictures need to be direct and closely cropped with good detail and descent lighting.  Contact me and I can talk you through it. 

"looking for...someBODIES"
Nude portraits documenting time and location of people that I meet around the world and in cyber space who are willing to share their bodies and their lives in order for me to document the random beauty that is humanity in direct “titan-sized” portraits.

This can be a one time documentation...or if you have a good experience and appreciate the result...I could paint you once a year (or every two) to document your body as you change/age/modify.  This is preferred.  I also prefer to start this series live...but am equally interested in painting strangers that I have never met.  You can send your pics to my email.  If you choose to send me pics...please look at the paintings that I have already finished in this series.  I do not want “posed” images...just stand straight and tall...arms/hands relaxed how ever you carry emotions/smiles/puckers,just straight-faced and look directly into the camera.

I am interested in documenting time and place through my encounters with people from all over the world.  I am interested in
 repetition variation...or multiple versions of the same person/object which demonstrate the nuances and/or irregularities between one form/image to the next while also representing all that we share in common.  I do this by scaling the images to the exact 7' x 7' dimensions.  So every body (no matter the size or shape) scales to the relative same scale.  The barriers of height are removed and you simply reference the proportions of one figure (object) to another.  As you stand amongst the images you are 

I have painted the figure/portrait/nude throughout my life as a way to create a conversation about the body and identity and how it has been represented throughout history.  
The potential for pleasure and pain is always there.  

...I too, feel that death is always close by.

Decisions of size, scale, vantage point, and positions are the result of my need to depict these people in a way that celebrates yet confronts, that is matter of fact yet greater than or celebratory of, that shouts out and validates what is so unique about each of us, yet so universally shared in all of us.  They challenge the notion that what is ideal and/or beautiful is not what Hollywood or magazines show us…but rather what nature and life provide.  They are not nudes for the voyeur...yet admittedly acknowledge the fact that they have subjected themselves to be looked at.  I have never been able to distance myself from the nude and create works that are just about the voyeur’s gaze and the appetite of looking.  Indeed the nudes that I create challenge the viewer.  They do not wait for the chance of a second glance seen discreetly from the side of one’s glasses.  They stand face forward confronting the potential viewer, begging for conversation, soliciting more than a casual gaze.  They are fully realized and titan-sized, positioned in a stance that make the viewer the object scrutinized.  They stand blatantly aware,  amassed together and force the audience to look within while looking at someBODIES.

ENJOY!  I hope to hear from you.

Alexis - New York

Curlee - Nebraska

Matthew - Arizona

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