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September 11, 2011

Mohawk Triptych
(self with my two sons)
24" x 24" each
Oil on canvas

I started this set as a way to identify w my two sons as they are maturing and moving forward in their lives becoming young men. But I began to think that it would make an impressive series. I am increasingly interested in the idea of exchange as part of my process. So if you would like to contribute to the project...I will produce a small charcoal study in exchange for your participation. You will need to cut your hair in a mohawk. No set form...just your variation of a mohawk. Take a good digital pic of it (straight forward like these paintings). I will use it to create a charcoal study for you...and a final painting to be added to this series. Your time and energy and willingness in exchange for a drawing. Want to participate? Email me at are welcome too by the way. 

Punk rock mohawks, colored and dyed, standing 12 inches spiked, 270 degree hawk, death-hawk, liberty spikes, beaver, dread=hawks, emohawks, mollet hawks, bi-hawks or twin fins, blowhawk, fanned, side hawks, slant hawks, glow hawks, chelsea hawk, cross hawk, indian feather, hawk by hair clip (not really a mowhawk...but pushed up and gathered in a row), butch, shaved, crew, hairblown, corn-rowed...and yes, faux-hawks.  You get the picture right?? 

Spread the word. Re-post on your sites and direct people my way. Thanks!

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