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December 22, 2011

MO'hawks and other HEADShots

Matthew Ivan Cherry
24" x 24" ea
Oil on Canvas

I started this series having just cut my hair into a mohawk as a way to identify with my two sons; one who had left home for college and one just about to. It was in defiance of my having to let them go. My little rebellion of becoming an empty nester, however slow the process. I began to see my sons in the occasional face of someone sportin' a mohawk on the streets...a reminder of them or lack thereof in my immediate presence.

Its arresting to see a face, though foreign and unfamiliar, become recognizable and familiar. Hence my obsession to document time, location, identity and familiarity by documenting the people that I encounter in life and on the web.

I am also increasingly interested in the idea of exchange as part of my process. So if you would like to contribute to the project…I will produce a small study in exchange for your participation.You will need to cut your hair in a mohawk. No set form…just your version of a mohawk. Take some good digital pics (straight forward like these paintings) and email 15-20 of them to me. I will use them to create a study for you…and a final painting to be added to this series. Your time and energy and willingness in exchange for a sketch.

Want to participate? I am looking for: Punk rock mohawks, colored and dyed, standing 12 inches spiked, 270 degree hawk, death-hawks, liberty spikes, beavers, dread-hawks, emo-hawks, bi-hawks or twin fins, blow-hawks, fanned, side hawks, slant-hawks, glow hawks, chelsea hawk, cross hawk, indian feather, hawk by hair clip (not really a mohawk…but pushed up and gathered in a row), butch, shaved, crew,hair-blown, corn-rowed,…you get the picture right?

Spread the word, re-post on your sites and direct people my way.

If you are sportin’ a mohawk…lemme hear from you.

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