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January 22, 2012


I am interested in continuing a new series documenting guys who grow their beard 
(full, mustache, goatee, soul patch, chops, etc.)
If you would like to me and we can talk about it.

I am thinking about titles for this series.
I keep thinking about the beard as a signifier.
In some cultures in signifies wisdom and virility.
In some cultures it signifies one being unruly or barbaric.
Some populations wear a beard as a way to demonstrate holiness.
In others, it portrays a culture of subversion and/or one being radical.
Facial hair trends intrigue me because people who sport them sit on both sides of what is deemed mainstream culture...those who are ultra conservative and wear beards for religious purposes out of respect and a desire to be "upright"...and those who wear beards to portray the wild, "untame", badass-ness that some men desire to be.

For that reason I am entertaining various titles:

1. rad n righteous
2. revelators, rockstars and radicals
3. prophets, seers and other radicals
4. muslim, mennonites and motorcycle riders
5. lumberjacks, bikers w tats, hipster brats & poets
6. seers and buccaneers
7. "r-r-i-a-g-d-h-i-t-c-e-a-o-l-u-s-s"
(radical embedded within the word righteous)
Too obscure?? Yah....I know.
8. radical n revolutionary
9. rockstars n russian czars

If you have any ideas...send me your input.
Otherwise, feel free to VOTE.

It strikes me that the act of modifying ones face to meet a standard of appropriateness (shaving) is not that much different than other forms of body is just one that mainstream culture has adopted as "professional" and/or "pleasing".

For this reason I have become intrigued by those who sport a beard.
If you are a dude and are wearing a beard and are willing to modify...or document the growth from a clean shaven face to full growth...or if you change the style and are willing to document it for me...please email me to contribute to the project and I will add your face to my series.

All you brothers out there...I need a minimum of 4-8 versions of beards per dude. 
They will hang in grids of 4 per subject.


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