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January 29, 2012

RAD - Dan 8th session (in progress)

Dan w Friendly Chops
Dan Shaved

Dan w Horseshoe/Hogan
Dan w Full Beard
Session 8
(in progress)

36" x 36" ea
Oil on Canvas

It strikes me that the act of modifying ones face to meet a standard of appropriateness (shaving) is not that much different than other forms of body is just one that mainstream culture has adopted as "professional" and/or "pleasing".

For this reason I have become intrigued by those who sport a beard.
If you are a dude and are wearing a beard and are willing to modify...or document the growth from a clean shaven face to full growth...or if you change the style and are willing to document it for me...please email me to contribute to the project and I will add your face to my series.

All you brothers out there...I need a minimum of 4-8 versions of beards per dude. 
They will hang in grids of 4 per subject.


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