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August 10, 2013

Adam and Eve - Max Beckmann

by Max Beckmann
“Adam and Eve have both become aware of their nakedness.  Adam bashfully covers himself, while Eve offers him her breast.  Beckmann focuses on the charged relationship between the two figures by filling the entire composition with their bodies.  He includes portents of the evils and dangers lurking in the world beyond paradise, with a snarling dog in the background and the serpent slinking around Eve’s leg and behind Adam.”        MOMA staff

- * - 

“Eve is so kind and motherly in her offering her body to her companion. She knows there is comfort and solace and perhaps safety in their being together now that they are being booted.  Adam looks a little wild with his wide eyes … a little dazed.  He looks like my mind’s version of his elder son Cain … a bit sketchy.  And he is so ashamed and wary in his gaze and trying to cover his man parts that he is practically tripping over himself.  A forever gap splices between them where the rascal serpent seeks to divide.  If even one of them would reach over and take the other by the hand … I think they would be ok.  I really do.” –Matthew Ivan Cherry
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