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August 10, 2013

Adam & Eve - Gustav Klimt

adam and eve - klimt
Adam and Eve (unfinished)
Gustav Klimt
173 x 60 cm
Oil on canvas
Österreichische Galerie BelvedereVienna

Though unfinished – Klimt provides us with a glimpse into his vision of the woman – a celebration of form, curve, color, and light.  Eve fronts Adam in a sensual even seductive pose dominating the canvas.  Adam serves to compliment and contrast the form in almost every way, from values to colors, from Eve’s frontal and exposed nudity to Adam’s being covered and/or protected from public view, to the gaze of Eve, open and inviting and full of wonder and interest while Adam sleeps and or closes his eyes to the world, her vision is external and his is turned inward in a peaceful dream state.  This allows us the freedom to linger longer with Eve and her bare body while he sleeps.
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