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August 16, 2013


aaron beard - whipwill - 2007
aaron beard – 2007
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mind over matter
will and power
push and pull
relinquish control
we try to hold on
to a truth in our head
that was always fictive
a hormone derivative
and bliss-influenced reality
of our dreams and potential
and possibilities
and ideas of increase
and the ideal.
And so we morph
becoming the person the other wants
sacrificing a bit of our selves
to assume the couple-as-one identity
we become bound and enslaved
and subject ourselves to the other’s version of our own ideal
and find ourselves too bound and burdened 
by our domestic expectations for the other
and the platforms we have pre-built
from our assumptions and preconceived notions
of what too expect
and in the midst of a sadistic and masochistic tug-o-war
often internal
trying to hold on
not wanting to let go
we get tripped up by the very rope that wound us together
so lovingly
yet now strangles
our life source
and our what-could-have-beens.
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