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September 5, 2013

a nipple a nuk and a navel orange (contemplating one of my oldies)

a nipple a nook and a navel orange - matthew ivan cherry
a nipple a nuk and a navel orange
72″ x 72″
- * -
nipples, and nuks and navel oranges
(trying to make sense of one of my early narratives)
- * -
This is one of my earlies
back when I understood my world
and my place in it
and where I was going.
Back where my assumptions
foretold the great ass you would make of me
and I of us too.
Back when our bed was so holy
and I so horny
and you so fatigued.
Back when the 1st, 2nd & 3rd parties
were introduced
to our coupledom
and the 4th, and 5th as well.
Back where your real unquenchable thirst
was first demonstrated
to my great unawares.
Back when I was naive
and we were primitive
in our thinking
and so brutally unaware.
I was so eager to get naked with you
and satisfy your tired needs
eager to bring forth my seed
and provide that which you were willing to bleed for
over and over again
so desperate to see you pleased.

From our one bed came plenty
a measure of our love
and despite our inability to continue
will continue in our stead
and in lieu our great vacancy
proxy parents by default.
And you  …
you were so tired
sacrificing your body
and time
and sleep
and sanity
despite my need to have you.
You were so divided by your desire
to appease
the many needs of your progeny
and me
that at times it was all you could do
to crawl out of bed
and lift your tits to succor one of mine
and so I waited at the back of your lineup
and our many
to share your love
until you were no longer able to share it with me.
And now
that you are away
leaving me for your other
you have never looked
more beautiful
more strong
more self aware
more happy
… without me.
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